June 13, 2017
By kaylaa.gatess BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
kaylaa.gatess BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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I built a home out of you.
I know i shouldn’t have.
I know i shouldn’t have gotten as attached as i did.
But dammit.

I built a home out of you.
Your ocean blue eyes were the windows.
They help me see the future we could’ve had.
Your tall, lanky, structure were the walls.
They protected me from any harm because i knew i was safe when i was with you.
Your voice was the doorbell.
That sound alone was enough to comfort me at my worst.

I built a home out of you.
And somehow it got knocked down.
I should’ve listened to all the notices,
That were left on the front door that was your mouth.

I built a home out of you.
If i would’ve listened to those notices,
I would’ve gotten out of that beautiful house without a scratch as it fell down.
But here i am,
With bruises and scratches on my heart.
And without a home.

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