June 12, 2017
By moxi99 GOLD, Manlius, New York
moxi99 GOLD, Manlius, New York
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Our lives are full of permanence
Traditions, histories make us who we are
They keep us grounded
We learn that history can’t be repeated
But it still is
Permanence is not forever

Day by Day, Hour by Hour
Daily routines are followed
Even mastered
But where does that get us?

The dense walls we build
Never to be torn down
Only to be built up
stronger and stronger
But where does that get us?

Content, but on the verge of wanting more
We are stuck
Never can our walls be torn down
The daily routines falter
Alone, empty, struggling

Change is inevitable
Breaking down those barriers
Stepping out of that scary box
Letting go of the fear and accepting

Permanence is not forever
But Change is

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece for a project I was doing where we chose our favorite word. I chose permanence because it's such a heavy word in actuality. Nothing is ever permanent; change occurs every day and I just thought permanence was such an interesting word. 

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