When She Walks By You

June 12, 2017
By Anonymous

You don’t know when she walks by
that there are secrets hidden beneath
the very woman who looks

with dazzling eyes and a courageous

The woman with secrets never heard of.
With mystery and ruthless
ideas of a world unknown.

As she walks by you today
she'll peer at you with those flashy eyes.

The lost woman within her
skin, stares at you with eyes screaming HELP.

The very woman with eyes
of wonder and smile of fortitude
blinks away the forming tears.

She gazes at your careless posture
and wishes you would notice
the blaring voice inside her saying

“I’ll be better off without
the ones who have no care, the ones who
forget my existence here.”


The woman’s secrets were soon found by
her father, with fearful eyes.
the woman’s secrets were no longer

a secret. However, she
still thinks those secretive ways and hopes
that when she walks by, you will
notice the screaming inside her.

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