June 12, 2017

The unspoken words and feelings hanging


Large and brilliant

as the setting sky, flashing bright lights

as it calms to a rest.

Rolling clouds battle each other, creating deep

clashing contrast.

The scent of new rain

not yet fallen to the quenched earth.


A deep breath of her intoxicating smell.

A light brush of her skin.

His mind trailing after her

as a smooth and powerful river.

But she was lost to him,

her presence only temporary

and embraces only taunting.

She was unattainable;

her soft

skin slipping through his fingers

with a silent whisper

of breath against his neck.


Yet he had now,

and she was helpless to his brilliance,

his warm smile and cozy eyes.

His seductive, alluring voice.


Why let a good thing slip away?

When he was hers and she was perfectly his.

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