Under my black skin

June 8, 2017
By QueenMara PLATINUM, Pompano Beach, Florida
QueenMara PLATINUM, Pompano Beach, Florida
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I'm wearing scars and misery
partying holding a cup of tears
guilty of my spirit of humanity
captive still, even after fighting years for liberty
you, steal my rights, devalue my pride and profane my identity
remove all my excellent title, and call me n*****
and misjudge me when I revolt and embrace the trigger
we all got that red s*** in our veins
stop investigate my ethnic, I'm just human
we all come from a woman
and we all born, live, and die at the end
So what's the difference now
oh waw ! just because I'm black and you're white
tell me what more  than I, have you achieved
since the fusion has been made
you've been nothing else than a rat
you're that lazy guy who can't do none for yourself
that explains the fact that you had to go all the way to Africa just to build America
you're  that phony, that figure hiding behind a mask
with a devise "In God We Trust" while y'all chasing money not salvation
I wasn't going that far, but you're steering me there
yes I know that my brothers are thousands in the states yards
but it's because sometimes justice doesn't serve right
how come a n***** gets life in prison for 30lbs of crack
and your relative gets 10 years for taking a life
what I want to know, do I sound black to you?
If so, how does a black sound and how do u sound my dear?
Once, be grateful! That black voice sometimes to you is entertaining

I can bet many of you enjoy listening to Queen B

excuse my foolishness,I'm not racist nor rude

Since you want to placed yourself at a level above the highest mount

Let me tell u that the height of my achievement doesn't have an amount

Under my black skin I got pleasure,rights,pride

Under my black skin I got flesh,blood,and humanism

Under my black skin I have passion,melody,music,dance,poetry

Under my black skin I do have something call unity,equal right and liberty

If it wasn't for your follow-up question,I was going to say under my black skin I have all you have so you're not different to me

The author's comments:

I hope you guys truly understand this piece and try to see yourself what is the message,yes it call under my black skin but it's an anti-racist poem.

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