June 11, 2017
By sunfhan BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
sunfhan BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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The first thing that I noticed about you,
Was your hands.
The way they clutched your phone so firmly, the lines that traced them perfectly- closely reflecting galaxies.
I saw the entire universe within your grasp.

Then I'd noticed your heels.
The way you could move from one side of the room to the other-
looking effortless, like levitation, but breathing heavy enough I can recognize that it wasn't less than anything.

I'd noticed how your attention continuously shifted to the ticking clock in the last five minutes. I'd see your eyes tip-toe in the other direction, glaring intently, waiting.

I'd observe the twitch of your nose-
subtle, almost unnoticeable, unless someone was really paying attention.

You'd noticed that I was noticing these things. I think that you liked that- but I guess I wouldn't really know.

Now I wish I figured out earlier that you'd like having things belonging to me in your possession. Then I wouldn't have wasted the time it took to scribble a 'return address' on my emotions.
Or sending them.
Also I'd really love my copy of 'hamlet' back.

Along with the hours I spent searching our horoscopes to see if we were compatible.

Even the stars denied this. But I thought I could deny them
When the moon compared our compatibility to an android with an apple charger,
I argued with the atmosphere-
and by argue I mean I totally screamed at the clouds
but lost my voice.
and by solar system- I'm saying that I see Venus and Pluto in your eyes.

When I say Pluto I mean your body is the home to many planets,
it's no wonder I space out when I see you.

by space out I mean I'd need a telescope to discover the amount of stars you contain.
And by stars I mean you house the sun
And by sun i mean
you're hot-
temperature wise, of course.
your hands feel pretty warm.
Your presence is warm.
And by presence i mean from five feet away from you
because the thought of forming words is terrifying
So i speak to you
But by speak i mean i write everything down
I use analogies as genuine descriptions-
Like how your mind reminds me of the solar system- perfectly placed, fascinating and seemingly faraway.
that you’re two hydrogen molecules, i’m an oxygen, so we should totally bond
And by bond i mean it’d be cool if we swapped song and book recommendations sometime.
And by song i mean let's listen to every musical on broadway
By broadway i mean i’d love to visit new york
And by new york i mean you remind me of city lights
And by light i mean you’re burning up

Your red curls flow like lava, no wonder I melt when i'm around you. Your hair reminds me of the leaves on the red tree rooted in my backyard.
your hair reminds me of autumn,
But you’re spring-
budding, beautiful.

You’re persistently on mind
In the same way vines grow slowly and enclose their surroundings,
intertwining themselves where they'll cause the most destruction.
By destruction I only mean you’re beautifully destructive,
And by beautifully I mean you’re simply beautiful.

The first thing that I noticed about you,
Was your hands
Specifically, the way that they held
the universe

The author's comments:

My newly found interest in the solar system, and an individual, sparked inspiration for this poem. People, in a way, can be both the best and the worst. 

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