what if?

June 11, 2017
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what if I'm average, a normal joe,
following the path of life like every other girl around
what if to myself I've condemned
a life of struggle
toward a goal I'm not cut out for in the first place.

what if they are better than me?
accomplishing their goals at a faster speed
working, determined, with less need
their success has simply planted a seed
in me that isn't set to grow, but feed
on my frustration and turn into negativity?

what if I didn't work hard enough?
or life was just too rough
or i was just not strong enough
to tough it out until
i saw their wins, and out my strength i snuff
but i can’t just do that stuff

i sit all day
and wait and pray
for life to change
and success to come my way
maybe they are better,
maybe I'm not working hard
maybe my mind has been led astray
by my own heart and wrongdoings.

but should i instead portray
a me without the fray?

I must stop this craze.

i have to stop my mind from twirling
as I'm swirling into this abyss,
emotional apocalypse
and am quickly unfurling.

what if?
what if i realized she will be stronger
he probably can run longer
but that doesn't make me the wronger
even if their strength easily bothers.

what if their strength doesn't make me any weaker
their pride doesn't make me any meeker
their search doesn't make me a seeker-
my strength is not better or sleeker.
I am an advocate, a preacher,
for my own path, my own features.

what if we saw each other not in the threat of our similarities,
but the strength of our differences.
what if being good was not a threat
but an inference to acceptance our differing interests
what if we see each other not in ignorance,
but to be accepting and considerate.

what if we love?
what if we took a deep breath and look above
because life is bigger than shallow competition, and it has already begun.
what if peace was regarded as a dove,
seen as a beauty to fly up above,
bringing back a branch to the flood
and proving unfailing love.

what if?

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