I see

June 10, 2017
By , St. Lous, MO

Just a knife

Just a razor

Or just a shard of glass

You look at them and see just what they are

I look at them, and I see something else

I see an escape, a night of tears

I see cuts on my skin, blood stained tears

I see the scars, I see the looks I get when people see them

I see the shame, the jackets and pants in the summer heat

I see the regret but doing it again the next night

I see the lies I tell my friend and family

"Oh, it was just my stupid cat"

"Oh, I cut myself cooking dinner"

I see the doctors I'm sent to, the people that try to fix me

You might see a knife, a razor, and just a shard of glass

But me?

All I see is one more night that my depression wins

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