Things You Fall For & Things You Catch

June 9, 2017

I am falling.
It is too hard to fight against my dreams,
And I give in to the drowsiness.

I am falling.
I know as soon as you start to laugh,
And I am left to plan revenge.

I am falling.
I can feel a garden of butterflies inside,
And I know it is real.

I am falling.
I regret wearing socks on the slippery stairs,
And I know I will have scrapes and bruises to remind me of it.

I am falling.
Summer nights are gone and past,
And the leaves are turning hues of orange and red.

I am catching.
I know as soon as I sneeze and sniffle,
And I must wait for it to pass.

I am catching.
I run towards the tracks because I am late,
And I hold my ticket out for the conductor.

I am catching.
I stand on my board in the heart of the sea,
And ride it until it pulls me back in.

I am catching.
I hold my mitt out and follow the trail with my gaze,
And everyone claps as it lands safely inside my grip.

I am catching.
I place my hands on my knees,
And feel my chest rise and fall.

I am falling and catching at the same time, a result of life’s flawless dichotomy.

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