June 9, 2017
By claire.tran1910 BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
claire.tran1910 BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
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There once was a girl
who hides inside.
To escape from this world,
only to herself, must she confide.

As darkness creeps in
and light turns out
She starts to fear
the feeling of betrayal.

To no one in particular
She starts to speak.
In a velvety voice,
“It is adoration that I seek.”

The curtains dance
and the wind blows freely,
twirling her hair into a mess,
as knotty as the things she couldn’t confess.

No one to talk to.
No one to hold on to.
No one comfort you.
No one to adore you.

Is it too much to ask,
for something like that?
Adoration and appreciation,
are they that hard?

The girl closes her eyes,
and the lights flicker.
Then she opens them,
and everything is the same.

“Does it always feel like nothing changed at all?
How am I going to an optimist about this?
Oh where do we begin: the rubble…or our sins?”
She’s just a girl in 7 billion people.
Will her life matter to them?
They’re too busy with their own life,
to notice a young girl break.
A coward isn’t one who lays down in front of his fear.
It is one who grant entrance to fear with no defense.

The sound of her heartbeat
thumps in her ear.
She widens her eyes
as a shadow appear.

The human shadow begins to speak.
It cackles and laughs as the girl becomes weak.
Then suddenly there was a scream.
The shadow’s eyes start to gleam.

Noises begin to erupt around her.
First a shrill scream, then a shriek.
She raises a hand, as white as snow.
And suddenly time becomes slow.

Her breath makes contact with the moist air.
As she lay in the midst of her memories.
Then a woman appears, angry and livid.
And through her mouth spits sulfuric acid.

The author's comments:

At that time (when I was 13 years old), I was reading The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, and I was both fascinated and mystified about the way his poem was dark and vivid yet leaving me wanting for more. I admired the way his words flowed smoothly into a story without actually having to lay the words out plainly. It inspired me to write this poem in hopes of achieving the feeling that he gave his readers.

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