The Cats

June 9, 2017
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I have two cats.

The one that shows love to everyone is light gray and white
with stripes that make her like a tiger.
She will meow at you until
you show her affection.

The other cat is jet black with soft fur,
she looks as though she could blend in with the darkness itself,
but when you pet her she will begin to purr.
unless she feels comfortable
She will come near you and then
put her head against your leg
and will jump up scratching her entire head.

These cats have gotten me through hard times
by being there to cheer me up
and make me feel better to go out and do something.
Some people might think that they are just pets used for only
companionship and to feed and hold when they feel like it.

But to me they are family,
holding a place in my heart that will never leave me.
They have taught me that family is important. That family will always
have your back no matter the situation you're put into.
Never turn your back on family
otherwise you would have lost the people who love you the most.

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