Draft Day

June 9, 2017

The NFL draft has just begun,

It is unanimously believed who is going number one,
Everyone excitingly awaits their team’s newest additions,
Oh look, Goodell is coming, the pick’s in,

To no surprise, Garrett went number one,
Oh Wait, the Bears moved up one spot; what have they done?
The whole city of Chicago curses under their breath,
They overvalued a quarterback, is this the team’s step towards death?

The 49ers are not going to be haunted,
They outmaneuvered the Bears and still got who they wanted.

At pick number four the Jaguars can go many ways,
They pick a running back because of the talent he displays.

The Titans lack a true receiver,
Not anymore, as they fetch one who they endeavor.

The Jets are a mess and need help everywhere,
They select a LSU safety they hope can answer their prayers.

The Chargers of Los Angeles are now on the clock,
Another receiver is gone, they are moving in a flock.

Two years from their Super Bowl Appearance,
The Panthers select a Stanford Grad to try and increase their coherence.

The Bengals at number nine were looking to make a splash,
They knowingly did so when they selected, The Flash.

At number ten, The Bills were supposed to go,
But Suddenly the Kansas City Chiefs stole the show,
Often scrutinized for having a mediocre QB,
The Chiefs select one who will not even start as a rookie.

The Saints defense last year was a bore,
They looked to improve it with cornerback, Lattimore.

Breaking News: The Browns have traded their second pick away,
The Texans select a quarterback as their last one left them in dismay.

The first Linebacker is gone,
The Cardinals flew in and picked the best one.

The Draft’s location’s team is up next,
The Eagles of Philly pick a player to whom nobody objects.

People are smiling nearly halfway through the draft,
The Colts pick a solid safety and no AFC quarterbacks laugh.

After so many offensive players have been taken,
The Ravens go defense and hope they aren’t mistaken.

Many top tier players have fallen,
The Redskins realized and on this D-End, they went all in.

The Titans from Tennesee need help at many positions,
They pick up a do-it-all player who’s a nice acquisition.

The Buccaneers have a promising young quarterback,
They draft a stud Tight-End who’ll help their offensive attack.

The Broncos O-line, for years has been in shambles,
They pick an intriguing prospect who might be the draft’s biggest gamble.

The Lions went in with a weakness on defense,
They left the first round with a defensive pick that made plenty of sense.

The Dolphins last year were a playoff team,
They select a young defensive player with a whole lot of steam.

The Giants possess a historically good offense,
They add fuel to the fire, but leave their weaknesses in suspense.

The Raiders are a very solid team,
They pick a cornerback who will fit well with their regime.
The Browns are back in a hurry,
They draft a safety who played high school in New Jersey.

The Falcons swoop in for a sudden surprise,
They draft a defensive end who’s stock was on the rise.

With the best QB in their division the Bills need defense,
They draft a solid cornerback cause it made the most sense.

America’s Team is now on the clock,
The Cowboys need defense and that’s not a shock,
In dire need of rushing the QB,
They pick up a guy who can split the Red Sea.

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