Among Ash Heaps and Millionaires

June 9, 2017
By rocky.monet BRONZE, West Chesterfield, New Hampshire
rocky.monet BRONZE, West Chesterfield, New Hampshire
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In this kingdom, their fortified domain,
Where grass cannot grow
Where the soils are liquor stained.
Among ash heaps and millionaires,
Our ill-fated minds do lie,
Behind cherry glossed lips,
And lights that blind our eyes.

We find no comfort here,
Not behind these lifeless walls.
For night after night, lost souls do fall.
And fall we shall when the liquor
Is drunk, and burns become
The churches, and our minds
Have all but sunk.

Among ash heaps and millionaires
We dine tonight,
not ready to perish
Until it is all made right.
So here we wait, and here we drink
For when our turn comes,
We sacrifice our ability to think.

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