S'aimer l'un l'autre

June 7, 2017
By Gracieeee BRONZE, Wigan, Other
Gracieeee BRONZE, Wigan, Other
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Boom, bomb, bomb, what?
An earthquake of horror
followed by waves of hatred

Strike the target,
Dart in the bulls eye,
Their shouts and screams applaud his effort

Martyr, martyr,
Don’t let him be a martyr,
Spilt news splatters in their hair and clothes.

Bees in a hive,
Sting only when threatened –
Bees pollenate the world that these noxious wasps subvert.

A philosophical debate that sparks the mind,
Education or action?
A fine line we’re struggling to balance.

So Sally can wait,
They sing in mournful laments,
But in passionate pride of our city as One.

Majority vs minority,
World against them all,
This is not Us, this is not Him, this is not Right.

Please, understand. S’aimer l’un l’autre.

The author's comments:

This piece is a dedication to the Manchester bombing attack. This city is very close to my heart and I wanted to create a poem that tackles the recent treatment and hatred of Muslims after the outbursts of terrorism we have been targeted be recently. I wanted to help people learn to see the truth, that Islam is a religion of peace and Isis is NOT Islam. "S'aimer l'un l'autre" means "love one another" in French, a beautiful language, and I think it completely sums up the message of my poem.

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