The Wrong Within The Right

June 7, 2017

Dark and gloomy,
The sky held its tears, ready to cry
There was no sun;
It hid behind the everlasting clouds
She took a deep breath
Her thoughts became blurry,
She only focused on the goal
She knew it was the right thing- or was it?
One more step
This was her last chance
She could either turn back
or change it all
She knocked on the door
It was too late to turn back now
A person opened the door
“May I help you?”
She responded, her voice cracking,
“I need to speak to an FBI agent”


It was over
She did it
She could not tell anyone
But they would find out anyways
Her eyes teary
Yet, she refused to cry
She slowly walked home, taking the long route
She hoped that no one would be there when she arrived
Yet, the possibility was slim
Every step, her mind wondered
What did she do?


The clouds became denser
All at once, they started crying
A stampede of tears came rushing from the sky
The thunder seemed like the sky was yelling
The sky made a scene
As if it was crying for her


Hours passed
The clouds were still dark
From head to toe, she was drenched
She finally arrived at home, her hand shaking
She reached for the door
It opened for her, as if it read her mind
But no, it was her mother
“How could you?”
Her mother looked at her in distaste;
In horror and agony
Without responding, she walked through
Staying silent in the chaotic home,
She creeped into her room
Turned the lock in a click
No one will notice her
Why would they care if she stayed hidden?
She betrayed them all
They would not care anymore about her
Their lives were ruined-
Her sister’s secret was exposed
She stole all of the money from the bank,
In large quantities
Now, the FBI would find them…
Her family would be gone from her
A sudden moment of brightness from a lightning bolt
And then
The lights went out

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