June 7, 2017

What does being mature really mean?
Does it mean that you are going to an older group of people in             life?
Does it mean you become wiser?
Does it mean you fit the society’s image of a perfect human                 being?
Does it mean you are influencing others?
Or does it mean you are following other people’s commands?

Does being mature show that you are a leader
        or a follower?
How do you become mature?
How do you act maturely?
Do you follow others’ expectations or
        do you follow your own will?

Some people say that being mature shows how much you grew in         life.
Others say that you need to have more experiences in your life.
Some say that life needs to throw problems at you.
You can become stronger that way.
Many others will tell you to take more risks in life.
They will also tell you to know your limits.

People also say that you need to have patience to be mature.
Others say that you need to realize that you need to accept the           changes in your life.
Maturity is something that needs to be learned through time and         experiences.

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