A Journey of Fear

June 7, 2017
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It was a time for adventure near these trees.
Or so I thought
It was dark and tinted green, but almost too dark to see
If only I didn't leave the party
The screaming died out
The music was muffled and barely audible
Now I heard different noises
They were louder
They were deeper
These noises were almost unbearable
I screamed and looked around but no one could here
I ran and ran but got nowhere
I looked down and saw blood covering my ankles
My house was far away, 4 miles away
Then I felt it
The water
It poured and poured
Until I fell
I fell down and down
But then I opened my eyes
I came to a realization
This party happened a year ago
I got out of my bed
Still traumatized I looked around
This is how the party one year ago went, and the nightmares keep repeating.

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