A Fight with my Sister

June 7, 2017
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Last night
When I had a fight
My sister came in
And told me this
I’m taking your phone
But I’ll bring it back to you charged
Don’t take it away from me
Or you’ll never get it again
She always does this
Never asks
Never charges
Never gives it back
In the morning
My phone is not here
I checked my sis’s room
Laying on her bed
My phone’s on her head
Not in my room as she said
Checked my phone
Out of battery
I get angry
I want to erase her from existence
But I know that’s the wrong thing to do
And it’s true
To fix this problem I changed my password
When she takes my phone again as always
And on the couch she lays
She realized the change
What’s the pass!
I didn’t tell her
But of course she doesn’t give me back my phone until I do
Angrily again and again
Always then
There’s no solution
I might as well give up

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