Of Fear, Anger, Guilt, and Shame

June 7, 2017
By Maxwell.Pang BRONZE, New York CIty, New York
Maxwell.Pang BRONZE, New York CIty, New York
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Fear is a guiding emotion
Neither inherently evil nor good
It all depends on the situation and person
It can be a motivator that changes people forever
Or an inhibitor that freezes up even the boldest of mankind
Some people live for the adrenaline caused by fear
Some people live their whole lives in fear
Lives that are destroyed by fear
Fear that will bring anger
Anger with a future
With potential
To destroy
To make

Anger hijacks everybody
It burns like an inferno inside
And it disappears as fast as it comes
It leaves a trail of black ash and gray dust
Ash that slowly burns out of you from the inside
Ash that makes you wonder why you did what you did
And dust that always lingers there, making you wonder why?
Why? For as long as we exist, we will regret what we did
This unique type of dust lasts until your dying day
Every last grain of ash and dust inflicts pain
Ash, like the guilt always in you
And dust like the shame

Pain like nothing else can compare to
The pain of guilt, and of shame, rages inside
Guilt screaming in your soul, killing from the inside
Shame burning in your mind, making you question yourself
Guilt, which other people try to soothe, is always in your thoughts
Shame, always in the back of your mind, makes you remember
Remember all the terrible things you did and now regret
Guilt which engenders shame and shame guilt
This cycle goes on an endless loop
Never stopping or relaxing
Going on for eternity

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