The Powerful Weather

June 7, 2017
By Anonymous

Waves of rain crashing onto the ground
Hard as pebbles
The streets flood with water
Train stations, parks, buildings overflow
A sudden flash of light fills the sky
As sudden as it appeared it disappeared
Illuminating the sky for a split second
As if the lightning were a signal
The rain started to pour down more
The only sound in the streets was the rain beating down
Suddenly a boom filled the streets and the sky
The deafening sound rang for a split second
The sound rang over the sound of the crashing rain
As soon as it appeared it disappeared
Once the thunder was gone
The rain sounded lighter
As each minute passes the rain started to get lighter
In a few minutes the rain disappeared
The sun breaks through the clouds
Rays of sunshine light up the town
People come out of their homes
The day continues as if nothing had happened

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