The Path of Life

June 6, 2017


First there was nothing,
Then in an instant
There was a bright light,
There was blurriness,
And there was a deafening ringing in my ears,
A sound I couldn’t get out of my head.
So I screamed,
And screamed,
To the point where my face turned blue,
And my lungs ran out of air.
The gasp I took was one so fulfilling
That I decided to scream again,
And again,
And again.
Then there was comfort,
A sudden embrace that coddled me
And warmed me to my core.
I could feel my body react by instinct
To this warm touch in such a way,
That I decided to smile,
And close my eyes.


I never thought that it would feel this way.
The joy, the power, the urge to stay.
To keep enjoying what I love to do,
It’s like the universe gave me a clue.
The flow, the markings, all made by me.
It was actually quite easy to see.
I had an eye for this type of thing,
It made me feel like I was a king.
The smooth movements of my wrist
Made my stomach twist.
I could feel myself start to thrive
As I watched my drawing come alive.
The pencil moved with direct strokes,
And I hoped that I wouldn’t croak
Because it took a while to finish
And I didn’t want to diminish
Away into nothing
Because the thing
That left me in awe
Was to draw.

Best Friend Forever

I remember the first time we met.
Too shy to say hello,
But not too shy to wave.

We knew of each other from sports,
And played on the same teams,
But we never really knew each other.

It wasn’t until that day,
That we decided to hang out,
And I realized that I found
My person.

I never would have known
That I’d talk to someone so much,
Spend so much time with,
And go on so many adventures with you.

You are my person,
My best friend,
And meeting you has been
A blessing of its own.

My future is now brighter,
More hopeful than it was before.
And it was all because
Of you.

The Unrequited

As I sit here under the willow tree,
I see you, but you don’t see me.
The vines are in your sight of view,
But I can see you.

Do you choose not to see me?
Or do you not even know?

Do you know that my heart beats
Just a little faster every time I see you?
And that my eyes dilate,
And my breathing becomes ragged,
And my palms dampen due to sudden perspiration?

But what do you do?
Does your body do crazy things too,
When you see me,
But I don’t see you?


Our love,
Our devotion to each other,
Our time together well spent.
Our love seemed invincible.
We almost said
In sickness and in health.
But I was your cough medicine.
You only needed me for a little bit
Until that tickle in the back of your throat
Was gone.
Then you put me away,
In the back of the cupboard,
Behind all the other medicines you had.
You used me.


Unable to move,
There is no way out.
My limbs are heavy.
They won’t budge.
I need help.
There is no way out.
There is no hole anymore.
I watched it close up;
The remaining light vanished,
And all that was left around me
Was darkness.

Stroke of Luck

It's surprising this is happening to me.
I've been trapped in the darkness for so long,
But now I see a light,
An opportunity,
To get out of this hole.
Someone has seen me suffer,
And they've decided to give me a chance
To escape from this suffocating darkness.
Am I ready yet?
Ami willing to try?
I can I only imagine
What is waiting for me when I get out.
Maybe it will be more pain,
Worse than this hole.
Maybe I will suffer more.
Or maybe life will get better.
Maybe things will go my way.
Maybe this suffering will end,
And I will be happy.


The amount of pain it took to get out.
It felt impossible to keep going,
But I forced it open.
I made it give me a way out.
The light that shone in was blinding.
It made me think that it was just another
A trick my body played on me.
I am no longer engulfed in darkness and despair.
I am out in the open,
Barely breathing,
But still alive.


Your voice,
Your compassion,
Your ability to love is breathtaking.

You make me happy.
You make me calm.
You make me feel safe.

It is unbelievable
That I was able to find
Someone like you.

Someone that loves unconditionally,
Someone that is supportive,
Someone that understands me.

I cannot wait to say the words
I do,
And spend the rest of my life with you.

My Baby

Being able to hold you in my arms;
It's like the pain never happened.
Even though you just entered this world,
I can tell that you are going to do great things.
I can't wait to be there along the way.
I can't wait to see you grow up,
And create a wonderful future for yourself.
You are my little baby,
My little boy,
And I will cherish you forever.

The Struggle of Old Age

These old bones don't do much anymore.
They bring me pain and misery.
I find it hard to enjoy the things I used to love,
Because there is always pain.
I know my time has come,
And I feel that I am ready to leave
All this pain and crotchety  behind.
I am ready to escape to

Then I Was Gone

The light got brighter,
But then there was a sudden pause.
A rush of memories,
The bittersweet taste of life.
It was sad to know
That I was lying in my bed,
Breaths becoming shallower,
And shallower,
Unable to do anything,
But watch.
I knew this moment was coming,
But now that it's here,
I realize that I don't want to go.
I don't want to leave my loved ones.
But am I a burden?
Do they want me dead?
Maybe dying is for the best.
But I don't want to die.
I still have things I want to do,
Things I still have to say.
I don't

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