Let Your Imagination Fly

June 6, 2017
By , Towson, MD

Let your imagination fly like a beautiful bird soaring through the cloudless sky
Let it take you to far away, perfect places to experience the most exciting events
Let your imagination take you to where you have always dreamed of going to do what you have always dreamed of doing
There are no limits to what you can do
Be creative, express yourself, and don’t hold back
Let your mind fill up with new ideas because the idea of “imagination”
Can allow a person to change the world

Use your flying imagination to be inventive
Allow it to act as a door that you can walk through at any time
To escape to a saner place when you are not able to handle the stressors of the real world
Your imagination is a beautiful gift and a source of empowerment
The imagination is what has led to the creation and knowledge of everything in this world
It is the most unique part of human beings and should never be taken for granted


The imagination is the key to success
Whether it is used for literature, music composition, visual arts, dance choreography, film production, or photography,
It makes up the creativity of human culture and distinguishes individuality
Your imagination makes you feel glorious and invincible
You have the freedom to let it fly to any idea in the safety of your own mind and not be judged by others for what you imagine

To me, the idea of imagination spreads warmth and comfort throughout my body
I often enjoy sitting down and letting my mind wander and dream about possibilities of what could be
I realize that what I imagine will not always happen in reality,
But knowing that I can create a story that can go in any direction that I would like it to,
Knowing that I can control the plot of the story in my mind,
Makes me feel free and powerful

I will always let my imagination fly
Everything can only work out perfectly in my imagination
The future of the world is the imagination of mankind

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