The Z Generation

June 6, 2017

Do I stand alone,
willing to sacrifice my breath
So that one day, there may be no death?
I ask you why.
Why, when I am trying to heal the world, you hurt it?
Humans fighting humans, for a free land and peace for all nature and mankind?
For the perfect lands overseas holding lots of money opportunities.
A country giving wealth only to the perfect liars, run by men with bad intentions,
we look the other way, not asking questions.
Red blood spilt under boots,
Blue skies blackened by smoke screens,
White gloves of pallbearers carrying remains of broken families.
I see no hope in my future, but in the generations to come.
But we need to fight for them, show them the beginning they need to end.
No stealing what's not ours ,
Caring for each other no matter what kind of race or religion we are.
But finding something within, we can only imagine beyond our red, white and blue flag covered in stars.

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