10 Pills

June 6, 2017
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I passed your house on the way home yesterday, and I saw her silhouette on the bedroom wall.


The song you used to sing to me came on, and I had to change it before more memories raced through my body.


You sat beside me, but you didn't rub my thigh like you did before.


She said I make everything about me, the words sounded familiar.


Last night, I had a dream you kissed me. I woke back up.


It was 11:11 when I looked at the clock. You were laying beside the one you've wished for.


I called myself a hurricane, but you weren't there to remind me that you love storms.


You like long hair. I cut mine shoulder length.


The galaxies you said were in my eyes are faded. I can't seem to find them.


My hand touched her. I was told to get off like you ordered me to do.


The soap in the bathroom smelt like your shampoo.


-10 pills I swallowed to get you off my mind

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