Putting the past in the past

June 6, 2017
By laina1415 SILVER, Lafayette, New York
laina1415 SILVER, Lafayette, New York
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You told me I was yours, and you were mine. 

You told me you loved me and called me your baby girl.

You promised you wouldnt hurt me, you promised.

You told me we wernt going to fast, and it would be okay.

You told me not to worry you werent like other guys.

You were diffrent and loved me.

But you lied through your teeth, you broke me.

You crushed my heart into millions pieces.

You left me to put my pieces back together all alone.

You left me drowing in a puddle of my own tears.

You made me regret every mistake I made.

You ruined my life, You ruined me.

You said you werent just using me, and you wernt like that.

You only used me to get what you wanted.

You told me i was the only one.

But there were others, It wasnt just me.

Im not the only girl you broke.

Now I know im gonna be the last girl.

Im building up a large wall.

Im putting you and your evil ways on the other side.

Your devilish ways can no longer effect me.

Goodbye... Im puttting the past in the past

The author's comments:

This piece came from a dark time in my life. Im finding that writing about it helps, put the past behind me.

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