June 6, 2017
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Roarin’ of the engines
Feelin’ the power
Smellin’ the fuel
Suit up
Buckle up

Sittin’ in the shoot
Pullin’ onto the track
Pacin’ a parade lap
It’s go time
Let’s hammer down

Hittin’ my lines
Prayin’ it sticks
Shiftin’ the gears
Finishes last
Tears roll down my eyes

Headin’ back to the trailer
Seein’ the happiness in my dad's smile
Knowin’ I made him proud
Gives me a hug
Wipes the tears away

Makin’ adjustments
Bangin’ out dents
Checkin’ bolts 
feature race next
In the shoot

Adrenaline rushing through my body
Startin’ on the pole
Focusin’ on my lines
Drop of the green
Time to hammer down


Payin’ attention to only me
Leadin’ flag to flag
Commin’ around turn four
Checkered flag waves
Excitement hits

Knowin’ I just won
Pullin’ into victory lane
Gettin’ my picture taken
The cheers of the crowd
Overwhelmed by the noise

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