June 5, 2017
By EmMegane BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
EmMegane BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
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Oh what pain I feel,  
So much to endure that I cannot bear to heal.  
The one I held dear to my heart,  
With his hands, he tore our love apart.  
Then with those same hands  
That used to caress my cheek  
With such meek  
It became my bait.  
Forever bloodied with his powerful hate.  
Taking my father away from me,  
Who would have been Hamlet's bride to be.  
Oh how much remorse can I internalize  
When I cannot help but weep mine eyes?  
I cannot bear the weight  
That has now sealed my fate.  
Near the willow that grows askant the brook  
Lies a stream where if you take a look  
My body enveloped in mourn  
Will float bearing the scorn  
One receives from the heavens  
For many eons.  
Just like a rose in the winter's weather,  
Whose bright petals now wither,  
My once strong back bone quivers.  
I now know I cannot recover.  
So that day, I closed my eyes and released my last breath  
With the current's flow, I accepted death.  
Now with my murdered father I will be  
From these burdens I am now forever free.   

The author's comments:

My name is Emily Megane Hughes, a Senior at Lewis and Clark High school in Spokane, Washington. Currently, I am taking a Creative Writing course due to my interest in writing that I've had since I could remember. After I am done with my High school education, I intend on going to a community college in the fall to pursue a carreer in Psychiatric Nursing, still writing on the side because that's what I love to do the most.

For this piece, I had become inspired to write it in my creative writing class while we read Hamlet?. Within the book, I felt that Ophelia's feelings before her unfortunate suicide were actually expressed so I wrote my own piece to express what I sensed just from the book and what I would have felt if I had been depressed and experiencing what she had.

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