Behind The Smile

June 5, 2017
By musical_ash117 BRONZE, Pomona,CA, California
musical_ash117 BRONZE, Pomona,CA, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations."

There are tears behind her smile
Tears that nobody sees
She hides her feelings
Hoping nobody notices
Deep inside
She is falling apart
Slowly everyday

Tearing her apart
Are thoughts
She doesn’t dare
To let anyone see
Hiding was all she had

Could she really keep all this inside?
Hide it behind a smile?
Only one person
Knows what she’s hiding
Only one person understands her feelings

So she lets everything out
To the only person that understands
The only person she trusts
She never thought
Someone could understand her so well
Like this person does

Would she ever change?
Would she ever get the courage
To let go of everything?
She was insecure
She was doubtful
Of everything she did
Because that’s what everyone made her believe

She hid everything
In that beautiful mind of hers
Because nobody appreciates
Inner beauty
Everyone judged her
For what she truly believed in
And she believed
Everything people said
Because what else could she do,
When that is all she hears from people

She was tired
Of regrets that held her back
From reaching what she truly wanted
So she let go
Of everything that once hurt her
She let everything out
Everything she thought she never could do,
She did it

She’s not hiding anymore
No more regrets
No more insecurity
No more tears
No more hidden feelings

All of this
Thanks to the one person
That stuck with her through it all
Only one person believed in her
Even when she didn’t believe in herself

Everyone doubted her ability
Of things they “thought”
She wasn’t capable of doing
Never did she think
One person would be the reason
She changed it all

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