I am a ball player

June 5, 2017
By RobSambaseball BRONZE, Seaford, Delaware
RobSambaseball BRONZE, Seaford, Delaware
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I am…
I am a ball player.
I was reborn as soon as the ball hit
the mit.
I am a paradox. I feel the calmest when I am the craziest.
I am “Shoeless” Joe Jackson with cleats so tight my
feet are bleeding.
I am Derek Jeter quick hands in the field.
I am Miguel Cabrera. Putting the ball in play at what it seems like
every time.
And I am Willie Mays making the unbelievable plays in the outfield.
The greats that have played the games are people like Ted Williams, Lou Gherig, Ty Cobb and last but
not least the one who broke the color barrier Jackie Robinson.
Dirt, blood and grime are the three big things apart of the game. We get dirty diving into home. We get
bloody by scraping our knees and elbows when laying out for balls. Lastly we get loads of grime
by putting all of our effort on the field.
Throughout the years I have been through many games where my team is getting destroyed and I have
many games when my team is destroying the others. I am a fighter through these tough times
when I hang my head when losing or just feeling bad for the other team because it sucks.
And that’s why I am a ball player.
I am reflective after every at-bat so for next time I get a good look at what my options are.
I am a thinker: knowing what to do the exact moment the ball is hit to me and where to go with it if the
ball is hit to me.
I am balanced. After making an error I know not to hang my head but to bounce right back up even
through the tough times.
I am a communicator. Cheering on my teammates on and off the field.
Lastly I am a risk-taker swinging at a 3-0 count because that’s when you get the best pitch.
I am a Ball Player and I thank my parents to myself for forcing me to play.

The author's comments:

I wanted to write about what I love to do.

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