My Reflection

June 5, 2017

I’d look at my reflection and it was ALWAYS the same:
The shy girl who loved to bring smiles to other people's faces.
But because I started climbing my steps before you, you turned from me?
Because I wanted success more than you, you forgot me?
I used to see a smile on that face,
a perfect little body on a pretty little girl,
and sunny-summer days that’d never end!

But soon the midst of reality came.
The days became dimmer as everyone looked at me differently,
they didn’t see what I saw because they despised and envied me;
they saw a bossy, mean, show-off who knew it all!
I was left by the people who were by my side;
left because I had potential they had lost
and I became lost for nobody even glimpsed at me and nobody was by my side.

I’d look at my reflection AND it wasn’t the same:
It had changed and in it I had shame.
Slowly I was slipping away,
questioning myself of the things that happened
while blaming myself for what was as well.
That shy girl became quiet and lost her confidence.
My small setbacks became jokes of the day
and I was my biggest enemy.

People laughed at me and I laughed along
for I didn’t know how to defend myself.
As I began to believe those lies,
my reflection was influenced once more.
What I saw then was a mistake and a waste of space
that could’ve been used for someone better than I.
There I was, staring in the mirror as I dried up faster than a rose in the sun.

I woke up from the storm with many helping hands
and those were the hands that saved me,
saved me from the bomb ready to corrode.
That is when I decided to be rose of the storm
and although my reflection still contradicted me,
I saved me from me.

Now that the hurricane has passed,
I forgot those who forgot me,
I help those who help me,
I love those who love me,
And my reflection no longer upsets me.
Back then I saw an unhealthy girl
who ONLY drove people away.
Now I believe I’m smart and beautiful!

So, I am looking at my reflection and SMILE.
My reflection has changed to something better and stronger.
I’m the weird, creative, nice, smart, and loud girl
who can express herself and not be afraid!
I’m leaping those steps rather than climbing
because I want to get there before you.
My body is warm and prepared for the next storm.
Because I’m strong, I can see that beautiful girl;
that BEAUTIFUL girl who is yet to meet me.


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