June 4, 2017

i pulled myself from bed,
and even through fogged eyes,
i knew this day was different.

i pulled on the same pair of jeans,
the same brand of t-shirt,
but it all felt lighter.

i got on the same bus,
got off at the same school,
somehow everything looked brighter.

i used the same pencil,
walked the same hallways,
yet everything felt easier.

i left through the same doors,,
got in the same car,
and somehow i felt taller.

i sat at the same table,
ate the same dinner,
now everything tasted better. 

i called the same friends,
we made the same plans,
it all felt stranger.

we walked the same streets,
but that’s where it changed,
that’s where it all got darker.

we all heard the same noise,
but this time it wasn’t usual,
this noise was louder.

i held onto my own stomach,
i felt the warmth of my own blood,
i knew today was different.

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