June 4, 2017
By exlibris BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
exlibris BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
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These are the best days of my life, or so they tell me.
Certainly, youth is a beautiful gift, but so is the rest of life.
Even so, there is something incredibly wonderful about the rush of wind through your hair when you stand up through the sun roof, the rush holding you suspended but speeding forward. It is refreshing and wild.
You might reach your arms outward and up towards the sky, trying to feel what it means to live. So often I get lost in trying to name my experiences.
I take risks with the sole purpose of taking them,
but I always fall short of living a wild youth.
I could just forget it all and sink into my life,
or could continue to analyze, romanticize.

If I stopped caring so much, would I still be able to write?
I care too much, and I will never stop.
Life is moving faster and faster, blurring like a streetlight view from above a car.
The last two years of school, the best years, are beginning to look as predictable as a fast motion video of the day-night-day cycle.
Am I ready for college? Of course.
Is that my only purpose? No! far from it.
Stop pushing I know what I’m doing.
I am a whirling contradiction and will remain unpredictable and passionate in spite of the fast track desk to bigger desk that you have to pay loans on to cubicle. 

I will tell you I am going to take a walk and escape to the city streets, just to live without boundaries. My mind is made up there’s going to be trouble.
I will dangle my legs over the edge of cliffs because I goddam want to.
I will jump into a painfully cold pool for the rush.
Whatever is lost on the cubicle path I am determined to never let go.

I will run into the street screaming
Lovely! lovely! lovely!
and dance, tripping over my own feet, or is the stones?
I will burst through the gates at the zoo and feel the soft fur of all the lions.
I won’t rip off my clothes but I will become a one person angry mob and run to the flower field, lie down and stay there for a while.
If I don’t reach Success, let me reach you.
A bird of prey will glide down and lift me to the skies and I will finally realize my ultimate dream,
Flight. Can you relate?

The author's comments:

I was inspired by Allen Ginsberg's "Howl." If you look closely you will see a phrase or two that I borrowed. 

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