beautiful girls

June 4, 2017
By misswinterandsnow PLATINUM, Frederickburg, Virginia
misswinterandsnow PLATINUM, Frederickburg, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"the only thing one man may do for the world is inspire others to change it.

Look at me tell me what you see
I am girl with low esteem
who gonna be found hanging on some tree someday
so we might as well live now
I’m playing proper, a quiet talker
but I'm something new
Something unique
who care about originality
I'm just a carbon copy when you don't look deep
But I have to be more than a type
I get by and don't sleep and break down and I try
what am I gonna do when they come for you
stand up straight, take the bait, take the bullet
that's what I learn in from the tv that's show it
not everybody get’s to die for a reason
and I know I'd regret not taking the chance
I'm the girl who reads through page after page
talking about how deep dark really is
cause dead girls are beautiful
dead girls are tragic loss
dead girls are valuable
dead girls are truly art
don't you know a crying girl make a lovely tattoo
Becoming art at misery, that's something I can do
but hey, don't you know I'm better this way
Just counting days until something changes
Like gold purified through flames
you know, if I live that long
that's ok
it better to die young
It’s better to die young die young
let's die
Isn't it true, we all just want to be loved
take a pair of scissor, leave you body cut
because no one listens, no one does
so just be beautiful
the world it lies, it penalized
it isn't fair, it isn’t right
it doesn't care who lives or dies
It seems like there an excess of time
Change the world, you misunderstand
Write your name in stone ,but it turns to sand
not everybody get's to die for a reason
I know I'd regret not take the chance
We are built like god but without the power
Add in evil, forgot the choice
Youth we are so impressionable
We’ll do anything to have a voice
It’s better to die young, it’s better to die
Because dead girls are beautiful
Dead girls are beautiful
Dead girls find happiness
I need to be beautiful

The author's comments:

when I was younger, I liked lot of artists who seemed to not so much explore depression, but parade around girls (and yes it is primarily women)with mental illnesses as a way to make others think that they were deeper than they were. nowadays it seems cheap, and incredibly dangerous. 

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