Just a flower

June 4, 2017

et me become a flower
Cherished from the beginning of my lifetime
Not to be left to dry and die,
but to bloom with all its might
and bring happiness to the world.

To express other’s love through my petals that have absorbed the rich waters that the gods have sent for me to pass on.

I want to be a variety of symbolism for human life
Still not being able to change,
because I am uniquely beautiful.
Satisfied with who I am,
knowing that botox and perfection does not apply to me.

My imperfections are acknowledged and accepted throughout the world.
Many may not thank me but will thank each other when I am transferred
from one another as a symbol of love.
I want to be valuable and comfort others when they feel sorrow,
without using a single word.

Let my stretch marks be the roots of my ancestors that have been passed down to me.
I’ll carry out the tradition by
letting others embrace it through my pollin that disperses to their nose.
Spreading to their bodies and creating a sensational exhilaration.
If an afterlife exists, then let me just be a flower.

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