Throwing Salt in the Flames

June 4, 2017
By Zazuu BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
Zazuu BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
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I’m not mad, nor am i “sensitive”
I’m not human-hater, nor am i animal worshiper
But if  i told You all of this
It would be like throwing salt on to fire.

One of many
that lives inside
A tiny bubble labeled

One of few
that sees past
The bubbles gilded

Who sleeps without a care in the world
Who spends countless nights
thinking of every soul
who lost their battles
with the waters and flames

Waters of cruelty, fires of pain
The heartless blue of entertainment,
and the boiling red of selfish gain.

So many souls lost without cause, without justice
without direction, without peace
All of whom reflect not on you, but on me

One of hundreds, thousands, millions across the globe
Who sat idly by ignorant and carefree
The majority of the race shuffling along,
without ever thinking “is this wrong?”

“Why is this brutality accepted?
To creatures that are just like me and you?”
We would never allow such brutality again our fellow man,
So why are honoring this type of treatment of them?”

They never asked to be put into cages
They never asked to perform
Our race just assumed
They wanted to be the stars in our stripper tent show.

We prompted them to unhinge their jaws
and give us words we could  understand
But their voice was one from a foreign land

Without a voice that could be understood
Without a voice that could protect their kind
against the bottomless sea of assumptions.

Assumptions of mindlessness,
Assumptions of heartlessness
Assumptions that they lack the ability to register pain
Assumption that they lack the ability to love like humans can.

We take their lives for granted
We use tools to disrupt the battlefield
Between us and them.

We string them up like puppets.
We make them dance and sing,
In our twist play with whips and flames.

Now I could tell you all of this
Of the long forgotten memories
Of their pointless  histories.

But it’s just as simple
As throwing salt in flames.

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