Bridge: Almost there

May 23, 2017
By lycindy00 BRONZE, Austin , Texas
lycindy00 BRONZE, Austin , Texas
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Hard of hearing, listening hard
Becoming a burden, people’s kindness maxing out like a credit card,
Their harsh words become glass shards
Splintering and splitting apart glass hearts

At first it was a curiosity, but then it became a monstrosity
They’re nice at the beginning, but then their appearances start thinning
Relying on others too much means becoming a nuisance,
Their annoyance is apparent and is clear with translucence

Trapped in the middle between deaf and hearing, could not pass either test
Never feeling good enough, not quite a musical note, but not yet a rest
Don’t quite belong anywhere, feeling like an unwelcome guest

Almost there , close by, almost there
The ominous feelings are receding
Cochlear implants, sign language, and lip reading,
but more than that if there was acceptance, no more hesitance or resistance

If there were no longer any borders
And all the gaps were filled in with mortar
so that there can be a bridge that makes the connection
between the deaf and hearing and steer society in the right direction

The author's comments:

My inspiration for the poem “Bridge: Almost There” was a gay manga called Hidamari ga Kikoeru (I Hear the Sunspot) by Fumino Yuki. The story is about Kouhei who is hearing impaired and isolates himself from his peers after high school trauma. He’s a loner in college until he meets Taichi, another college student who’s from a poor family. “Bridge:  Almost There” is about the feelings of the hearing impaired who are not completely deaf. They feel as if there is no place the can belong to. This piece is a bit sad yet hopeful. I compared these lonely people to bridges because in a different perspective they can belong to both worlds.

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