May 23, 2017
By , Chicago, IL

It was a different type of addiction, nothing I've ever felt before but similar in the way that I absolutely needed it. Or I thought I did. It over powered all the others. The urges and the cravings, it was like none of them mattered, none of them could compare. It was no longer the cold black night, or the need for adrenaline in my body, or even the iron that saved me, it was just him. He was, he is my addiction. Keeping my sanity grounded, slowly diminishing the cravings that destroyed me inside and out. It's the feeling of his skin touching mine. It's the feeling of his hand on my cheek. It's the feeling of his arm around my waist. It feelings like home. It's the sound of his voice saying my name Baby. It's the sound of his laugh. It's the sound of HIS ringtone. It's the sound of him saying
it's okay I'm here. It sounds like home.

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