Jewelry box

May 23, 2017
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Welcome to my home
Oops, I meant box
My family is one big box of jewels
Some may call it a jewelry box
My mom is the box
She holds the whole family together
If we argue, she is always there trying to fix everything up
Without her our family wouldn't be anything
Next comes my dad
He would be a string of pearls
My dad stings everyone around
Physically and mentally
He drives us around everywhere
We will be over reacting about something
Then my dad will come around and calm us down
My sister represents diamond earrings
She is the best listener
I go to her for anything and everything
She listens, gives her feedback and will always give honest answers
Lastly me
I am a shiny engagement ring
I shine light into bad situations shine my humor with everyone
At the end of the day we would be nothing without each
The jewelry would have nowhere to be without the box
The box wouldn't be much help without jewelry to fill it with

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