Through A Doll's Eyes

June 3, 2017
By 21bmalizia PLATINUM, Dresher, Pennsylvania
21bmalizia PLATINUM, Dresher, Pennsylvania
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Contained within the glass cage
I ponder of the beautiful world that I can neither see nor touch
From my bedroom I gaze vacantly,
my stiff bed residing no comfort
The vanity reveals my being,
and at just the brief look I turn away
Hands soft but cold,
having never seen a glimpse of sunlight
Fair, ivory skin so paper thin that you can see the pathways of veins
My breath fogs the glass,
my world of grey is choking me slowly
Forced to sit still,
until I cannot bare to contain the curiosity within
Pearls have become my chains,
strangling me,
making me gasp for air
The itchy dresses of satin and lace are forced upon me
By the candle light I write softly,
Free me
But yet another day has passed
another day left untouched
Sometimes when I fall,
I don’t care enough to return to my feet
Curls encircle my face,
framing my worst enemy
Painted blue eyes stare blankly against the enclosure
Rose lips perked to near perfection,
dimpled cheeks to close to the ideal image
And finally, I am taken from the barren hell in the hands of my little girl,
As she dresses me in a different dress
Brushing my amber locks with a miniscule comb
Then places me back in the house
Eye lashes dappled with droplets
Until tears stain the crimson velvet corset
I am forced to put on my doll face
And await to escape my stiff world

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