June 2, 2017
By KGdaG BRONZE, Monroe, North Carolina
KGdaG BRONZE, Monroe, North Carolina
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Look up to the sky

And one day you'll see

All of that work will be worth it

to get a degree

Look up to the sky

And one day you'll be shown

That just saying screw it

Will get you out of your comfort zone

All of those days

Feeling like a clone

You'll know when you're ready

When you stop feeling entitled to a Throne

Look up to the sky

So you don't have to see

these girls caking makeup on their face

They all treat it so seriously

Like its a damn race

All of that pressure to wear makeup

Would want me to just get some breathing space

I'd rather not fall for a girl for her face

In fact actually i wouldn't look at her

Face, race, nor her birthplace

All of that I would embrace

Her own natural beauty i would accept with grace

Look up to the sky

And try to remember junior high

When people just started finding out about the high

And at that age they would rather just cry

And life hit them so hard

So  they smoked their lives away saying goodbye

You would give hundreds to your supplier

That night when you snuck out was when you first became a liar

And you disappeared with the only thing to remind us of your face are the fliers

Humankind is a virus

If you want an example i'll give you Miley Cyrus

Don't lie to me i can see it in your iris

We all want people to admire us

All of this Rhyming is making me tireless

Compare my words to a God like osiris

Look up to the sky

One day you'll find

To succeed you look up the answers online

You’re out of time

The masters you keep in binds

While you're robbing them blind

Instead you should be working the nine to five grind

You’re airing out of time while you’re still in your prime

You're listening to a mastermind ahead of his time

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