Life Boat

June 2, 2017
By kileyburke_ BRONZE, Park Ridge, New Jersey
kileyburke_ BRONZE, Park Ridge, New Jersey
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Hold on they say
Hold on
It rings in my head
Hold on
Hold on

It feels like I’m in the middle of the ocean
All alone
My own ocean
My own life boat
Nothing but the waves crashing agensted me
Crashing and crashing
Nothing but the waves and I

The light would peer through
I see it
Its coming
I hold on ready to be free
But its false hope

The waves keep crashing
I feel like I’m sinking
No one to pull me up
Over and over

I finally tip
I fall over
The breaking point
Trying to climb back up

Just when I realize it can’t be true
I see the shore, the beautiful horizon
Coming to pull me out of my stranded life boat

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