On Knowledge

June 2, 2017
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Knowledge is power as some may say, but i wish to argue otherwise. I know so much that my brain is a glut, my knowledge is quite simply my prison. The more i learn about the world as it truly is locks me up even tighter. It becomes harder to escape, harder to breathe, harder to live my life. I understand more than most, my brain is bustling with information. To understand how the world truly works is the greatest prison of all. Seeing the world failing with great solutions in mind, it is my torment to see that i am helpless, for in this cell i am confined.

It is hard for people to understand how knowledge can be a prison, but they have little understanding of what it does to the soul. Knowledge is pois liberating, and it is confining, you lose much of that naivety. Ignorance is bliss I know is meaning now. In my early years I thought the world was made of gold, my should could travel the world. Now I am alone, alone in my thoughts and knowledge.

Flip the coin and knowledge is power, and it is equally true. My knowledge gives me the power to see things other have missed, to do things others cannot do. It is the shield that protects me from misinformation, the sword that allows me to solve problems. It is a weapon and a defense.

Knowledge is a double edged sword, but for me it is a prison, it prevents me from feeling, relating, empathising. I am on another level than my peers, isolated and lonely, is how i spend most of my days. For my elders, I am too young, brash, immature, and treat me like a child. I only find solace in the one place i can hide, hide my true knowledge, hide myself away. The internet is the one place i feel in touch, but still, it is not enough.

Please learn from me, that knowledge is a prison, this is from personal experience, but dont let that fool you. Knowledge is a complicated thing, with many complicated facets, it is never a single thing but many at once.

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