It's a Goal

June 2, 2017
By Anonymous

It’s spinning
And gliding so fast

Both teams need this goal
They don’t want to come last

Fancy moves, hopefully they work
In the neutral zone cherry pickers lurk

There's a need for speed
Moving down the slippery ice

Wide open men
The other team will pay the price

Luckily the puck possessor took geometry and
Learned his shapes

Because a pass off the boards
Hits the open man right on the tape

On a breakaway he looks at the net
And begins to decide where to aim

If he makes this shot,
It will bring his team fame

Looking for areas the goalie doesn’t cover
“YOU BETTER NOT MESS THIS UP,” he hears from his mother

He slaps the puck with all his might
And watches as it takes flight

It's too fast for the goalies sight
And Glowing red, is the goal light

Fans are screaming
the other teams emotions are steaming

The players of the losing team,
start to shed tears

As they line up to shake hands,
better luck next year.

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