Written Into Existence

June 2, 2017
By Devon.T BRONZE, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
Devon.T BRONZE, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
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Scrambled and confused
Where is the intellect?
Outsmarted and outwitted
Where is my strength at?
Observed and denied
How am I so unique?
You're coming close to the end of your story, the ragged pages pronounce the inevitable
Rough edges and torn out sentences, you write on.
Dismissed courage and integrity cripples your testimony, but you find a sense to write on.
Society surrounds you in a cage, builds an invisible fence so you know your boundaries, but you write on.
So why write?
Why waste your time expressing something that can't respond back?
Why consume your thoughts with tattered feelings and not just tell somebody?
Unteachable minds will tear down your passion and define your future
Idols will demand a restoration over your destiny and alternate your path
Parents will curve and manipulate your seemingly meaningless aspirations into wallpapers that you are obligated to look at for eternity
So what do writing say?
Writers say to tear down those barriers and defy your restrictions
People say 1000 words can describe a picture
Well, a lifetime cannot interpret how we cultivate our skill
Writing isn't an art, it's a lifestyle.
Art isn't a skill, it's an unacknowledged gift taken for granted
Society tries to condemn your gift, but we say to white out the unjustified offenses
Hope says to lift up your burdens and make a new path
A heart that let's go is the heart that will push you to become somebody… greater
Words can tear you down, but even depression can be conquered
Sadness and defeat can be rearranged
Loneliness and despair can be rewritten, and darkness can never obliterate your shine.

The author's comments:

Writing isn't something that can simply be given, it's something that is birthed inside of you. This should inspire many to stay encouraged to write because writing is an art that needs to be taken care of.

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