Love Again

June 2, 2017
By Anonymous

A broken heart feels like it will never heal
A broken heart feels like you will never be able to love again.
A broken heart feels like it’s the end of the world
A broken heart feels like you never want to speak again.
I must move on, I know
But it’s just too hard.
You’ve hurt me in ways no one else could
It feels impossible to ever recover from this.
Until I realize,
You can break my heart
But not who I am.
I am still the beautiful woman
I always have been.
You put me in this whole so deep
This whole of a broken heart
I had to climb my way out
And after all of my time of grief
I can finally love again.

The author's comments:

A poem about a broken heart. I have never been heart broken but if I ever am, I hope it makes me a better person.

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