June 2, 2017
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Shouting, fighting, arguing, people are on each other’s neck
But what if we worked together
World peace would benefit us all
It could focus money on the future instead of conflict

Starving, littering, fighting, the human race is dying
How many starving people we could save
If we used our troops to help people
How many problems could we solve

Traumatized, injured, hurt, our troops come back to home
More importantly, the people’s lives could have been saved
The people who made the ultimate sacrifice
The soldiers that never came home

Fighting, starving, killing, the world goes on and on
Why is it so hard to end national levels of hate
Why must we be so ignorant and enraged
Why must so many planes move over sea

Arguing fighting disagreeing, we must stop moving apart
Political leaders must have more friends than enemies
We must accept they as we
And work together to make us

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