A Museum of Crushes

June 1, 2017
By hewitag BRONZE, Hatfield, Pennsylvania
hewitag BRONZE, Hatfield, Pennsylvania
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A boy in green Hulk pajamas caught cupid’s arrow
and made you believe he was your knight in shining armor
Until he moved away and your preadolescent days were bleak
and filled with sorrow

The second boy made you believe in love
(not a Nicholas Sparks type of romance)
But the fact that it was destiny for your two soul to cross
Prom dates, stolen glances, and pillow fights cloud your mind
Until your belief in the possibilities of sparks
flies away like a dove

A third crush made your heart flutter
and dance around with a rosy haze in your brain
You thought your kisses under the baseball lights were the last stanza
But there was one last refrain
You sang along to a tune
(before his neck kisses became your doom)
You know deep down he’s not the one
(but you can’t help that he’s as majestic as the sun)

Number four made your heart feel like a deck of cards
You were the fool and he was the joker
But, if he loved you back, you know you would do anything
You would send home the guards
and desperately crave to be locked up in his arms
Oh, how much you want to be loved, young one

The fifth and final boy is one that doesn’t exist
He’s bits and pieces of stories and daydreams
You know he’s out there: the one you call your “soulmate”
He could be drinking coffee or getting kissed
But you know, one day, you’ll happy with him

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