Ignorance Is Bliss

May 30, 2017
Ignorance is bliss
Same old politics
Transparent with our intelligence, opaque with your competence
Selfish with your wealth, but with the truth, it’s hit or miss

Apathetic to the woman you call misses
Pathetic how clear it is that you refuse to listen
Just as long as her mouth smile and her lips glisten
How could you care about the nation’s women,
When the one closest to you is nothing but a prize ribbon?

Maybe you’re not used to nobody throwing you a bone
Maybe you don’t realize that Oval Office chair is not a throne
Oblivious to what goes on underneath the Capitol dome
You aren’t right for your wife, and your White House is not a home

Don’t ask don’t tell, just ask Russia the price to sell
Side with the men who wish gays and blacks would go to hell
Your minion Paul Ryan
Can’t stop lyin’

Put party over country
Anything to prevent Democrats from running things
To protect already rich schools from underfunding
To act like cuts to education and healthcare are prepaying

To use the radical left as a pretext to invalidate global warming
To preclude women from feeling and being empowering
To put a surgeon in charge of low income housing
To pick out a new wife when the current one is no longer arousing

You were a sellout quick
So you pat yourself on the back with sellout crowds in rallies filled with hicks
Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it?
To call every undocumented person an alien?

You fueled the fires of hate and got your following that way
Appealed to everyone’s fears and old way of running away
But the soul of America is something you can’t parlay

Maybe in an effort to go back to a younger age
When you felt true love in every day
When one wife was enough, when your life could remain the same
Maybe that’s why you’re afraid of Change

You want to overlook everyone’s mental health
Easy to hide behind walls, closed doors, and fairways of green wealth
Coming from a generation of men refusing to ask for help
Stemming from a misplaced pride of condescending to the people who used to be The Help

The spotlight is something you can’t miss,
And I almost forgot sexual assault and grabbing slits
“When you’re a star, they let you do it,”
And that’s why for you, ignorance is bliss

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