May 29, 2017
By , Shoreline, WA

She pressed down harder
Onto the gas pedal
The car groaned
She didn’t care
Everything around her was passing her by
The friends she thought she had
The friends she thought she knew
The friends she thought would always be there for her
They were all gone
They meant nothing to her anymore
The tears started spilling out of her eyes
Blinding her vision
She pressed down harder
Her memory flashed back
To the happy days
The days when nothing mattered
She could be herself
And no one cared
Everyone was living to have fun
There were no worries of who was best
Of who was top in the class
Of who would kiss who first
It was all so simple
So easy
She pressed down harder
The world she lived in
The world she was so used to
Was changing rapidly
Too rapid for her to keep up
The trees grew
Up and up
Shielding her view
The kids she babysat
Didn’t seem to need her anymore
It was all too much
Too fast
She pressed down harder
Fear taking over
Fear of the unknown
What’s to come
She wondered
Her mind raced
Her palms began to sweat
Her heart beat faster
She could feel the butterflies in her stomach
Not the good kind though
Not the ones she got whenever John Smith would talk to her
These were far worse
She pressed down harder
The anger boiled up inside of her
Like a pot of water that’s been on the stove too long
It was boiling over
She screamed
Rolled her windows down
And screamed more
This time
Even louder
So that the pedestrians would hear
They stopped and stared
Just what she wanted
She pressed down harder
The car screeched
She saw it coming up ahead
But the car was too fast to slow down
Her feet shuffled around
Searching for the brake
Panic took over
Her hands shook
She swerved
Trying to avoid the other car
Too little too late
She awoke
Sirens blared in her ears
People stared at her
She closed her eyes
Never to wake again

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