May 23, 2017
By Anonymous

Waves, waves
Coming and going
I was sinking
Then I was breathing
It didn’t make sense
I was in so much pain
Then I felt like I was flying
Why does this happen
Somedays I hated my life
Other days I loved it
Nothing made sense
I hated the fact
That I
Just me
Had to deal with this
I felt so alone
But I felt so bothered
I wanted to be with people
But I wanted to be alone
I wanted more friends
But yet I wanted none
I felt as if I had so many
But I felt like I had none
These feelings were crazy
I couldn’t understand
No matter how hard I tried
Everything just got more confusing
I laid in bed crying
I didn’t want to get out of bed
I hated getting up
I hated taking those few steps
Seeing people just made me angry
People would ask questions
And my answer was always the same
“I’m fine”
nobody really knew
the real me
or what the real me was going through
I didn’t want anyone to know
The scrapes against my legs and wrists
Were always covered
Nobody could see
If they did
I said it was a fence
Or a dog
The pills were hidden
Nobody knew how many
Or where
Or when
They were used
They day I laid in the hospital bed
The cops now knew
Friends knew
Family knew
Something even bigger
Something I really didn’t want people to know
It was a worse nightmare
The tears were just my eyes watering
The sad face was just
“a tired face”
the never doing school work was a
I’m busy
but in reality I never did anything
sleeping and crying was all
depression is serious
something nobody should go through
speak out
let people know
everyone should know
people should help
you can’t get through it alone

The author's comments:

Many people face depression and it has taken many lives each and every day.

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